Abdulrahman Al Sumait Memorial University invites qualified applicants to apply for the following full time programs recognized by NACTE (reference number U/TLF/11 NTA level 4 to NTA level 6):

(A)Certificate Programs (NTA LEVEL 4) with Education.
(1) Early Childhood Education, (2) NTA Level 4 Science with Education
(3)Computing, Information and Communication Technology (NTA Level 4)

Duration and Admission Requirements:
1. One year. 2. Candidates should have a minimum of four passes in grade D for Tanzania Certificate of Secondary Education for non- Education courses. Education courses applicants should have Division one, two, or three.

(B) Diploma Programs: Arts with Education (NTA Level 5 and NTA level 6 with Education) (1) History and English, (2) Arabic Language and Islamic Studies, (3) Arabic Language and English, (4) Kiswahili and English, (5) Islamic Studies and English (6) Islamic Studies and Kiswahili. (7) Information and Communication Technology. (8) Teaching English with Education (9) Early Childhood Education (10) Primary School Teachers.

(C) Diploma Programs: Science with Education (NTA Level 5 and NTA level 6) (1) Mathematics and Physics (2) Chemistry and Biology (3) Mathematics and Chemistry (4) Biology and Geography, (5) Computer Science and Mathematics.

Duration and Admission Requirements:

1. Two years.
2. Candidates should have at least one principle pass and one subsidiary pass in Advanced Certificate of Secondary School Education. OR Full Technician Certificate with a minimum average of grade “D” in addition to four passes at O – Level. OR NTA level 4 Certificate recognized by NACTE.
For Computer Science, a subsidiary pass in Mathematics is required.

Commencement date 10th April 2017
Fees Structure: Diploma Programs (NTA Level 5 and NTA Level 6)
Diploma in Science Tour website:
Application fee should be paid through the following account number:shs. 1,100,000/= per annum
Diploma in Arts Tshs. 750,000/= per annum
Certificate Course (NTA Level 4)
Certificate in Science Tshs. 900,000/= per annum
Certificate in Arts Tshs. 650,000/= per annum

Other applicable fees.
Application form Tshs. 15,000/= per annum
Accommodation (optional) Tshs. 250,000/= per annum
Registration Tshs. 40,000/= per annum
Student’ Union Tshs. 10,000/= per annum
Computer services Tshs. 40,000/= per annum
Examination Tshs. 30,000/= per annum
Graduation Tshs. 30,000/= per annum TCU Tshs. 20,000/= per annum
Medical Service Tshs. 30,000/= per annum

Fees payable in full.
The University reserves the rights to change these fees at any time.
Application forms are obtained from:
Admission Office, SUMAIT University – Chukwani,
Africa Muslims Agency
Mabaoni- Chake Chake Pemba
and From our website:

Application fee should be paid through the following account number:
(i) The Peoples Bank of Zanzibar (Islamic Banking Division) Account No. 51120100002450- Mwanakwerekwe or Mpirani-Madema, Zanzibar.
All completed application forms together with payment receipts should be returned to the Accounts Office at Chukwani, before 29th March 2017.

For further information contact:
Head Continuing Education Unit,
SUMAIT University P.O BOX 1933, Zanzibar
MOBILE: 0772 733 225 OR 0777426913
Or Visit our main campus at Chukwani, West District, Unguja, two kilometers from the new House of Representatives Building.

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