By BurhaniMuhunzi, Sumait University

Zanzibar, Chukwani, (SUN): SUMAIT University  Vice Chancellor,  Prof.Dr. Amrani Rasli has strongly urged university students to attain effective communication skills to cope with competent employment life after graduation.

Opening a week-long ‘Education Week’ training here, Professor Amran specifically emphasized the need for students to master the English Language which is the universities medium of instruction in the country.

The Professor told the participants of the training organized by SUMAIT University and involving seminars, workshops and presentations, that competency in communication skills should go along with Islamic manners.

Professor Amran told the students that university education largely involved independent thinking after being exposed to a lot of information at the secondary school education level.

He said the purpose of the “Education Week” training was to impart the art of learning to students, adding, “you are here to master the art of learning to achieve your educational goals.”

Earlier, the Head of Islamic Studies at the University,Dr. Ismael Hussein Ssengondo narrated the history of  the late Dr. Abdulrahman Al-Sumait from whom the university bears his name.

The week-long training with participants and instructors from Higher Learning Institutions based inside and outside Zanzibar, will cover various topics including Information Communication Technology (ICT),  Academic Writing, Time Management, Public Speaking,  Leadership, Career Selection, Volunteering, Psychodrama, presentations along with edutainment activities.

The training instructors are from SUMAIT University, State University of Zanzibar (SUZA), Zanzibar University (ZU) and University of Dodoma (UDOM).

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