By Burhani Muhunzi, SUMAIT University Zanzibar, Chukwani, February 5, (SUN):

The SUMAIT University Student Organization SUSO) has elected Khamis Juma Khamis, Second year Bachelor of Arts, Counseling Psychology student, new president following recent elections held at the University’s Main campus.

In his Presidential powers, Khamis has appointed 16-member Cabinet comprising Vice President, Farid Hamuni Juma, Second year- Bachelor of Science (Computer Science), Prime Minister Ali Abdallah Ali, Second year Bachelor of Science (Information Technology) and members of the Cabinet.

The student organization has also elected a 24-member Parliament with Silima Nyange Silima, Third year Bachelor of Arts (Education) as its Speaker. The Cabinet and Parliament which will serve for one year, have resumed their functions immediately.

The full list of the Cabinet members is as follows: Khamis Juma Khamis (President), Farid Hamuni Juma (Vice President), Ali Abdallah Ali (Prime Minister), Ramadhan Mustafa Omar (Da’wah and Ethics), Hassan Mbarouk Ali (Loans and Empowerment), Mohamed Haji Mgeni (Health, Environment and Special Needs), Ali Salim Ali (Information and Sports), Ali Mjomba Dawa (Education) and Omar Ali Hussein (Constitutional and Legal Affairs).

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