By Burhani Muhunzi, SUMAIT University
A second year Bachelor of Arts with Education (English/ Arabic) student, Mohamed Yusuf Ali is the new President of the SUMAIT University Students Organization (SUSO) Government and will serve for two years.
Accordingly, President Ali named Abdul Faraj Rahim, Second-year Bachelor of Science student as Vice President and Annas Ayubu Said, Second-year Bachelor of Science student as Prime Minister in a 23-member cabinet.
The list of the Cabinet full minister with portfolios in bracket are as follows: Mohamed Yusuf Ali (President), Abdul Faraj Rahim (Vice President) and Annas Ayubu Said (Prime Minister).
Others are: Haji Abdallah Omar, (B.Sc.), (Minister of Health and Environment), Omar Hmad Makame (B.A.), (Minister of Da’wah), Juma Faki Juma (B.A.), (Minister of Education), Lela Salum Ali (B.A.), (Minister of Finanace), Abdoul-Rahman Kalako (B.A.), (Minister of Information), Amria Mzee Kitwana (B.A.), (Minister of Constitution and Legal Affairs), Nssur-Eddine Toyfane (B.A.), (Minister of Sports) and Omar Khamis Omar (B.Sc.), (Minister of Loans).
The Deputy Ministers are as follows: Pili Othman Mussa (B.Sc), (Health and Environment), Time Khamis Masoud (B.A.), (Da’wah), Abdallah Haji Sheha (B.A.), (Da’wah), Sarah Shaibu Juma (B.A.), (Education), Hafidhu Iddi Juma (Diploma), (Education), Mselem Yussuf Khamis (B.Sc), (Finance), Ali Abdallah Ali (B.Sc.), (Information), Ibrahim Ali Said (B.A.), (Constitution and Legal Affairs), Khairia A. Mohamed (Diploma), (Sports), Rabii Lyawatwa (Diploma), (Sports) and Bimwana Haji Khamis (B.Sc.), (Loans).

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