By Burhani Muhunzi, SUMAIT University

SUMAIT University Vice Chancellor, Prof. Hamed Hikmany, has strongly appealed for increased hard work and dedication among university’s academic and non-academic staff to raise the status of the university in the field of teaching, research and social integration.
Prof. Hikmany made the appeal recently in his meeting with heads of academic and non-academic staff to discuss ways that would raise the status of SUMAIT University at the world, continental and country levels.
According to the January, 2017 Ranking Web of Universities (, SUMAIT University’s Country Ranking is 11 while Continental and World Ranking is 153 and 8661 respectively.
In another development, Prof. Hikmany has urged the academic and non academic staff to provide adequate information to up-date SUMAIT University’s website on activities going on in their respective areas of leadership.
“Heads of academic and non academic staff should be responsible to provide website information”, Prof. Hikmany insisted and suggested for the evaluation of information contribution after every six months.

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