By Burhani Muhunzi, SUMAIT University

Zanzibar, Chukwani, (SUN) – The SUMAIT University Vice Chancellor, Prof. Hamed Hikmany has strongly urged for increased dynamic and aggressive efforts to market the new  SUMAIT University.

In his dispatch to the members of the academic and non-academic staff, Prof. Hikmany  said the marketing of the university need collaborative efforts among departments and faculties and should not  be left to  the Office of Public Relations alone

He  said in addition to newspaper, radio and television advertising, the marketing messages should be extended to the new media including the social media, internet and mobile phones for  more effectiveness adding, “Let us put this idea in practice now before it becomes too late.”.

He urged faculties and departments to organize  visits in Zanzibar and the Mainland to meet prospective students as a technique to increase enrolment for the survival of the university.

The Abdulrahman Al-Sumait Memorial University (SUMAIT University) has been ranked one of the top universities in Tanzania joining other 30 universities following the July 2017 uniRank University Ranking.

According to an updated  2017 Tanzanian University Ranking (, SUMAIT University ranked 6th of  the 31 top universities in the country based on the popularity of the universities websites

SUMAIT University offers degree programmes in Bachelor of Science in Information Technology, Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, Bachelor of Science with Education, Bachelor of Arts with Education and Bachelor of Arts in Counseling and Psychology.

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