• This University gets most of its power supply through national grid using two separate transformers. These are located in two different areas, one near the army camp and the next in the village area. The supply is over loaded hence erratic in most of the times.
  • The broad objective of this project is to secure sufficient fund to purchase the proposed transformer capable enough to the satisfaction and needs of the University campus. The purpose is to have own standard and efficient transformer that can serve the power needs of the University. This will definitely reduce power fluctuation experienced most of the times
  • SUMAIT University is now a fully flagged University since July, 2014, hence its administrative and academic activities are expanding. The demand for power for domestic use, laboratory activities as well as other general works is increasing annually. The increasing demand in water supply and the use of heavy machines of the Printing press forces the University to have its own transformer. SUMAIT University needs to have its own transformer so as have a reliable source of this energy use.


  • Al –Hajiry Dispensary, a zero shaped building was recently rehabilitated and furnished to cater for the increasing number of patients from University and nearby villages. Soon after the rehabilitation in mid 2015, new set of equipment, tools and medicines were bought and displayed. This was the first phase of equipment and tools. A special Health Camping day was organized in 2016 which invited all students, staff and villagers to come and see the potentiality of the dispensary and how is prepared to serve its clients after the rehabilitation period.
  • The broad objective of this project is to fully furnish Al-Hajiry dispensary with tools, equipment and medicines The purpose of this major expansion is to be able to provide adequate and efficient medical services to students, staff and the neighboring community. Moreover, the dispensary is expected to contribute to the University budget through contribution charged to students, staff and outside patients.
  • It is estimated that such a list of these equipment will roughly cost a total of USD 250,000 (equivalent to TZS 550.00 millions. See list of required equipment and tools.
  • It is expected that by the time all these equipment are secured and installed, a fully fledged dispensary will be operational where many of the required services will be obtained. These improved services will create a motivation to neighboring community to use the nearest dispensary. With the small service charges imposed to them, the University will generate reasonable revenue to its budget.
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