SUMAIT University reduces tuition fee for Academic year 2020/2021

By Burhani Muhunzi, SUMAIT University

The Zanzibar based Abdulrahman Al-Sumait University (SUMAIT University) has announced reduction of tuition fee for first year students who will join various undergraduate programmes at the University in the next 2020/2021 academic year.

University’s Deputy Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance, Professor. Fowzi Mohamed Barrow said here the move will to a large extent minimize the tuition fees burden facing many competent students who want to join the University.

Prof. Fowzi clarified that the fee reduction offer will only cover new undergraduate students who will join the University for the Bachelor’s degree programmes in the Arts and Sciences in the next academic year. 

Elaborating, Prof. Fowzi said a reduction of 345,000/= tuition fee has been made for students who will join the University for a Bachelor of Science with Education degree programme while those to  undertake Bachelor of Arts with Education will have their tuition fee reduced by 245,000/=.

He said students who will join the University’s Bachelor of Science with Education (ICT), Bachelor of Science (IT), Bachelor of Arts (Counseling and English) and Bachelor of Arts (Counseling Psychology) programmes will enjoy a reduction of 195,000/=.

He added that   a cut down of 45,000/= will cover students for Bachelor of Arts with Education (Arabic and Kiswahili, Arabic and English and Kiswahili and English)  while first year students who will take a combination of Islamic Studies will enjoy additional offer.

Meanwhile, the University has entered an agreement with a Malaysian based NAMA Foundation which will provide interest free study loans for the SUMAIT University students.

Prof. Fowzi, said the recipients of the NAMA Foundation loans would be required to repay the loans according to the agreed installments while they are still undergoing studies at the University.

“I don’t think that the repayment conditions will be difficult compared to the previous situation in which a student was required to pay forty percent of the loan in advance”, said Prof. fowzi.

Besides providing undergraduate programmes, SUMAIT University provide Diploma programmes in Secondary Education, Computing Information Communication Technology, Office Administration, Business Information Technology and Certificate programmes in Office Administration and Business Information Technology.

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