Academic Staff

Head and Assistant Lecturer

Mr. Khamis Masoud Khamis

Mr. Khamis Masoud Khamis, B.Sc. (Ed.) (UCEZ); M.Sc. (Physics)


Dr. Abdo Hasan Ali Guroob

Dr. Abdo Hasan Ali Guroob, B.Tech. (Kursk), M.Tech. (Kursk), PhD
(Comp. Sc.), (Mangalore).

Dr. Antar Shaddad Hamed Abdul-Qawy

Dr. Antar Shaddad Hamed Abdul-Qawy, B. Comp. Eng. (Hodiedah), M.
Comp. Sc. (Hyderabad), PhD (IOT), (Kakatiya)

Mr. Aklly . O. Babi

Mr. Aklly . O. Babi, B.Sc. (Alfatah); M.Sc. (Alfatah); PhD. (Candidate)

Mr. Abdu Ahmed Osman

Mr. Abdu Ahmed Osman, B.Sc. (Red Sea); M.Sc. (Comp. Eng.) (Gezira),
PhD (Candidate).

Mr. Nassor Ali Hamad

Mr. Nassor Ali Hamad, B.Sc. (Comp. Sc.)(IUA); M.Sc. (Comp. Net.)

Madam Salma Saleh Mohamed

Madam Salma Saleh Mohamed, B.Sc. (Ed.) (UCEZ); M.Sc. (Mathematical
Modeling) (UD).

Assistant Lecturers

Mr. Abdulhamid Ahmed Ali

Mr. Abdulhamid Ahmed Ali, B.Sc. (Information Technology) (Kuala Lumpur); M.Sc. (Data Science and Business Analytics) (Kuala Lumpur).

Mr. Khalef Mohamed Khamis

Mr. Khalef Mohamed Khamis, B.Sc. (Computer Science) (IFM); M.Sc.
(Computer Science) (Mangalore).