Department of Social Studies was founded to offer two disciplines
namely, History and Geography. Currently it offers two
programmes, Universities Qualification Framework Level Six (UQF Level 6) and Universities Qualification Framework Level Eight (UQF
Level 8), a three years undergraduate programme leading to
Bachelor of Arts with Education, B.A (Ed). The Department aims at
equipping the students with quality and relevant expertise that will
enabled them to be skilled teachers in History and Geography for
Secondary Schools and Teacher Training Colleges in Tanzania and
the neighboring countries. The courses offered under this
Department provide opportunity for students to engage in different
professionals other than teaching such as, curators, tourist and tour
consultants; experts in the Land Department and shipping

Academic Staff

Head and Lecturer

Dr. Haji Nyange Makame

Dr. Haji Nyange Makame, B.A. (Ed.) (UCEZ); M.A. (History) (IUIU);
PhD. (Sudan).

Associate Professor

Assoc. Prof. Mazhar Ali Sabri

Assoc. Prof. Mazhar Ali Sabri, B.A., (Jamia Millia Islamia); M.A.
(Geography) Jamia Millia Islamia); PhD. (Jamia Millia Islamia).


Dr. Muhammed Saleh Muhamed

Dr. Muhammed Saleh Muhamed, B.A. (Ed.) (IUA); M.A. (Geography)
(IUA); PhD. (Sudan)

Mr. Muhammed Haji Ali

Mr. Muhammed Haji Ali, B.A. (Ed.) (UCEZ); M.A. (UDOM); PhD.
(Candidate) (UD).

Mr. Muhamed Khalfan Muhamed

Mr. Muhamed Khalfan Muhamed, B.A. (UD), M.A. (Demography),
(UDSM) PhD. (Candidate) (UD).

Assistant Lecturers

Madam Jema Suleiman Khalfan

Madam Jema Suleiman Khalfan, B.A. (Ed.) (UCEZ); M.A. (History) (UD).