Head of Examination, Mr. Khamis Fadhil

Assessment of Examinations

  1. Every student in the University shall be assessed during each
    academic semester in terms of his/her performance in the
    program of study he/she has registered.
  2. The grade will be based on an end of the course examination
    and a course work assessment.
  3. Maximum marks of any course is hundred (100) of which
    forty (40) marks are from continuous assessments such as
    tests, assignments and seminars/presentations, while sixty
    (60) marks shall be obtained from final examination.
  4. All final examinations shall be subjected to an internal and
    external evaluation. Efforts should be made to have external
    examiners’ reports during discussion and approval of
    examinations results.

Final Examinations (First Round Examinations)

Final Examinations shall be conducted at the end of each semester.
The University Senate shall determine and set the dates for
conducting examinations.

Supplementary Examinations (Second Round

  1. Supplementary Examinations refer to the examination held for those students who failed in their Final Examinations provided that their failure is less than forty percent (40 %) of his/her total courses.
  2. Supplementary Examinations shall be held prior to the beginning of the next semester.
  3. Supplementary Examinations are marked out of hundred (100) and the maximum grade that can be earned shall be ‘C’ a Pass Mark.

Special Examinations

  1. Where a student pursuing any program of study at the University fails to attend the whole or part of an examination under circumstances which are beyond the control of the student and communicated prior to the examination, such a student may, subject to production of authentic evidence and written approval of the Dean of the Faculty, be allowed to sit for Special Examinations.
  2. A student who sits for special examination under the provisions of sub section (i) of this section shall be treated as if he/she is sitting for the examination for the first time.
  3. Special examinations shall be conducted at such time, coincident with supplementary examinations as provided for under section 6.6.
  4. There shall not be any supplementary examination for a failed special examination.

Grading of Examinations

  1. Student’s progress in the semester includes 40% from Continuous Assessment and 60% from the semester Final Examination. The meaning of the grade obtained has the following common understanding as presented in Table 1.
  2. The minimum passing score for any approved course in the University Examinations is 40% corresponding to a letter grade C.