1. SUMAIT University Library

SUMAIT University Library has about thirteen thousand books,
subscribed journals, periodicals and newspapers. Reference section
accommodates about 200 students with up-to-date reference books
about 5,000 volumes covering all subjects. University E- Library
consisting more than 50 computers provides an effective means to
distribute electronic learning resources to students and other users.
The University Library is the member of COTUL which supports
students and staff to collaborate giant information with other
Tanzanian Libraries. It is also connected with GUST Library in
Kuwait. The University Library opens sixteen hours a day from
Monday to Saturday and is closed only on Sundays and public

2) Al – Hajry Dispensary

Al-Hajry Dispensary serves the University community and its
neighbors. The medical services are subsidized for students, staff
and neighbouring community. The consultation for students and
staff is free. Laboratory services are subsidized by 50% of the cost,
while the medicine is sold at reasonable price. Plans are on the way
to upgrade the dispensary.

3) Laboratories

The University has laboratories to serve the following fields: Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Geography and Computer.

4) Classrooms

The University has furnished, properly ventilated and lighted
classrooms and lecture halls.

5) Masjid

The University Masjid is located at the University entrance and it is
close to the main road with a capacity for 1,000 worshippers.