The Faculty of Science has two departments: Department of Natural
Sciences and Department of Mathematics and Computer Science.
Within these two departments our undergraduate students can find
many options to match their interests and qualifications. The
program that leads to a BSc. with Education has two teaching
subjects. These subjects can be chosen from amongst: Biology,
Computer Science, Chemistry, Information Technology,
Mathematics, and Physics. Currently the only BSc. Degree is offered
without Education is in Computer Science. There is a new
combination that includes Geography where students may select
another teaching subject leading to Bachelor of Science with

The initial mandate was to qualify as many science secondary
school teachers as possible, but the University is gradually
diversifying to include non teaching degrees in science. Our
commitment is to provide our students with the highest quality of
education to meet the demands of the society, industry, and
professions. We achieve that while engaging in relevant research
and services. Hence our undergraduate student will have the
opportunity to work in research undertaken by the faculty
members; this will give them an edge for graduate school or in their
chosen profession.