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By Burhani Muhunzi, SUMAIT University

Zanzibar, Chukwani, (SUN) – The SUMAIT University and the Sudan based International University of Africa (IUA) have agreed to form working committees to effectively implement and coordinate existing collaboration between them.

SUMAIT University Vice Chancellor, Prof. Amran Rasli accompanied by Head of Faculty of Islamic Studies and Shariah, Prof. Yunis Abdille Musa met with IUA Vice Chancellor, Prof. Kamal Mohamed Obeid  in Khartoum recently to discuss and agree on the areas of collaboration, coordination and implementation mechanism.

According to an agreement signed by the two Vice Chancellors on February 14, the two universities identified a number of collaboration and coordination areas to work on in order to achieve common objectives.

The areas of collaboration include conduct of researches and publication of articles, improve the two universities regional and international ranking and exchange of staff and students in the related areas and impact knowledge, skills and experience to each other.

The agreement stipulates that IUA will use its relations with regional and international universities and bodies to facilitate participation of SUMAIT University to those bodies.

Further, IUA will facilitate and use its experience to establish at SUMAIT University, Faculty of Dentistry, Faculty of Business Administration and postgraduate programmes at Masters and Doctorate levels.

The agreement further indicates that IUA will facilitate and apply its experience to establish Radio/TV station at SUMAIT University for educational purposes.

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