The Vision of the University is to become a centre of excellence and a valued member of the global academic community in education and other related fields with emphasis on implementing practical skills, research, consultancy, services to the community and integration of basic and applied knowledge in the society in a religious environment to perpetuate morality.


The Mission of the University shall be to advance education, expand, transmit, enhance and preserve broad fields of knowledge for the benefit of the people of Zanzibar in particular, Tanzania, Africa and the world at large.


The objectives of the University shall be to advance knowledge, wisdom and understanding through teaching, research, extension and consultancy and by the example and influence of its corporate life and subject to the provisions of the Charter and any other applicable law.

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FROM THE DESK OF Vice Chancellor

  Abdulrahman Al-Sumait Memorial University (SUMAIT University) has a prime role of improving the teaching – learning environment and expand training programme. The desire now is not to increase registration of new intake of students; however, the objective is on ‘quality’. Quality of teaching, quality of new students, quality of programmes, quality of facilities, quality of human resource, quality of services to the students, staff, and community, quality of assessment process, quality in soft skills (e.g. behaviour, respect for others, spiritual belief, respect local customs, and many others) and above all the quality of certification. It is quality in every aspect. The aim is to promote SUMAIT University to become the centre of virtue and innovations in this region and beyond. Certainly there is need for change and re-engineering in the academic and non - academic environment as well. Abdulrahman Al-Sumait Memorial University (SUMAIT University) has to seriously propose changes in governance – convert academic departments into faculties. SUMAIT University has to put forward the research and development agenda, expand collaborationandwidenaffiliation. However,suchchangesmust be aligned with Mission and Vision statements, Objectives, Core values and Quality Assurance. On governance, all academic titles have to be in line with TCU terminologies and rules. Relevant committees must be constituted in accordance with Universities (Chartering, Registration and Accreditation Procedures) Regulations, 2006. SUMAIT University, for quality of learning and quality of services! The centre of Virtue and Innovations.You are all welcome.
By: Prof.Hamed R. H.Hikmany
For: Vice Chancellor January, 2015

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